Market day

market la boqueria mafe roig photography

Rocío is 86 years old. Her platinum hair contrasts with the vibrant colors of fruits, juices and spices that fill every corner of the market.

She’s wearing her fancy earrings, her blue printed silk scarf and uses her shopping cart as a walking stick while browsing through the fresh, plastic-looking vegetables. Someone stumbles with her. Not a single apology. She has to wait 10 minutes to pay for a bag of tomatoes while some tourists take photos to a shinny batch of sweet peppers and pay for a coconut juice.

Trying to get to the seafood and fish corner, Rocío remembered when she was young and went to the market with her father. Every stand owner said hello and called them by their first name.

Rocío asks for some salmon and a couple of shrimps to the lady behind the counter. She tries to make her way out of the market as quietly and as fast as she can. Tomorrow she’ll go to the super next to her house. These trips to La Boquería are starting to take a toll on her.




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