Special Bonus

When I begun with photography I never thought it would be such a rewarding experience. What do you feel when you photograph someone?

mafe roig photography

I think is a very personal, intimate moment. Either is just the subject and myself, or if there are other people around. The moment I stand with my camera and I see the other person through my lens, and viceversa, a connection is made. There must be trust and realiance on each other. As photographer I’m asking someone to show themselves to me  as openly as they can in that brief moment.

That is very special.

For me, I’m trying to do my best to gain the full trust of the other person, to be professional and make them feel comfortable. For them, is a very vulnurable situation. They are on the spot. They become very aware of themsleves, their flaws, the “good side” the “bad side”, the hair; everything!

I really appreciate people opening up to me for a photo shoot. That is why the exchange of energies is so  incredible. It’s like a dance!

And one of the best moments is when the person finally gets to see the photos for the first time. Seeing that smile on their faces and getting that “thank you so much!” hug, is so special to me. I’ve always loved photography. But recieving that appreciation and the reward feeling is a bonus I never saw coming.

Do you feel the same way? Do you think is different when it becomes about other types of photography? Like fashion, for instance…


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