It’s been a while

Hello, bloggers! It’s been a while since my last post (two months to be precise). The main reason is that I’ve been having trouble deciding what to write about (the other reason is that I have been a little bit busier than I used to be). I started working full time now and with winter getting closer, days are shorter and time seems to slip away through my fingers.

Suddenly we are in the middle of October and I can’t understand how year is going by SO fast. And the sad part is that I wen through a photography dry spell.

The good news is that is over!

I got to document my first wedding (which is something I’ve been dreaming about since I started with photography), and I’ve been doing a lot of fun photo shoots with very cool people. But today I would like to share my favorite photos from the wedding.

The cool thing is that this much bigger than me. Along with hubby and two friends, we started a production company called VoilàShot. We work togheter doing, photography, videos, webs and social media for events. This wedding was our firs contract!

So I’m very excited for this project. I really hope it goes well. If you want to support us, we have a Facebook page and a Instagram account where you can see a little it more of our work!

I’m going to try harder to be more active again in my blog. I really like doing this.

Have a great week and take your camera with you everywhere!


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