Good Afternoon, Barcelona

Mafe roig photoshoot for weed girls online magazine

I took this photo for my job and I have to say It’s been one of my favorite photo sessions so far. I hope you like it. We did it in a small flat in one of the most popular streets in Barcelona city. And it all just clicked.

Every time I take photos I always say there is a warm up time. For me and for the model/person I’m photographing. But this time… I don’t know. It was different. It was great.

I wanted to share it with you because I’m really happy about how the images turned out.

You can see the full photoshoot by clicking here (here, here, here!) 

Have you ever had a session like that? Where you felt that everthing worked and ended up so happy about the results?

Let me know 😉

Good afternoon, from Barcelona.

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