Barcelona With Friends

Friends came to Barcelona. Sadly they didn’t stay for long, but is quality and not quantity that matters. During the days they were here, I saw things differently. In one hand, as I mentioned in another post, I got to Rediscover Barcelona and assure my love for this city.


But more importantly, I made amazing memories about our time living here. Last night we took them to the beach and I can assure you that it will be one of my top 5 moments in Barcelona. We just went to the coast, had a walk in the sand, soaked our feet in the sea and took some photos.

It wasn’t something extraordinary, but it was very special. I really miss my friends, and they being here made me happy and made me think about what is really important in life.

I know years from now I will look at these photos, and I will not think about money, I wont remember how much I had on my pocket or in my bank account. I wont remember what was troubling me, or what I had to do the next day.

I will remember the wind, the touch of the cold and soft sand beneath my feet. I will remember the warmth of the water and the lanter light that reflected on the surface while we were looking for small fishes.

I will remember how happy I was, how happy I felt and how I thought that these kind of moments are what life is all about. 

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