The Best Week Ever – The unframed photo


A little more than a month ago a recieved the biggest surprise in my life (so far at least). Hubby and I where eating a nice pizza, watching some animé and the intercom went off.

I almost didn’t get up thinking it was a mistake, but something in my gut made me approach the little camera, and my father’s face was there…smiling… with his worn-out blue cap and yellow t-shirt.

I seriously thought I was having a stroke.

Story? My mom and dad came as a surprise and stayed here, in Barcelona, for one amazing, perfect week.

I got the days off from work and spent the best week ever. Between strolls to the beach, pinchos, lots of eating, photos and just spending time together, it was perfect.


These photos that I took that week made me realize something. When we take pictures, is not always about capturing what’s in front of us. Sometimes is about the people behind the lens, its about what we are feeling when we press the shutter.

Somehow the image per se is not framed in what we see.

When I see these images I feel the way I was feeling when I took them. It’s beautiful and so unique. Feels very personal in some way…

Does this happen to you?


2 thoughts on “The Best Week Ever – The unframed photo

  1. I love this post because it’s so true; how we feel behind the lens totally influences that images we capture. It’s amazing the difference in my photos from when I’m sad to when I’m happy, depressed to excited, angry to nostalgic. Your parents sound like lovely people!

  2. Thank so much, Sonya! You know, I’ve never had the courage of taken photos when I’m sad or depressed. I’m afraid of what I might feel when I look back at them… But lately I’ve been thinking maybe I should give it a try. Could be cathartic.

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