The Hug

Yesterday I was on the bus on my way to work. Everything was pretty much the same as every other day, except for one thing. For some reason I was more observer than other days. I was very aware of everything around me and my head was in a very creative/imaginative place.

I was really seeing and suddendly there was something that caught all of my attention.

From a window on the bus I saw this two people standing in front of a building on the sidewalk. They were hugging.

She had a long grey nitted sweater that look at least one size bigger than hers; he had an orange one. They looked like father and daughter and he was conforting her.

She was just completely sinked in his arms while he slowly passed his hand up and down through her back…up and down…up and down. He had this look in his face that made me understand he was in pain for her pain.

I dind’t get to see her face but I could notice she was really sad.

It looked like it’ll last forever, like it was an image frozen in time and space.

For me it feels like they are still there, immersed in this intimate, timeless hug.

I hope their are doing better today. And for you, who are reading this, I send you a big hug. May all of your worries go away and you find peace and quiet.

No photos today. Just a mental image of The Hug.


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