The faces of a sunflower


Yesterday I was arranging a little the small garden in the balcony, where, among strawberries, mint and basil lives a sunflower. Since it became part of the small family of plants, sunflowers have died and reborn more times than I can count.

It’s amazing how often they renew themselfs. A minute one flower dies, three others are already on their way. And, usually, this big, intense and bright sunflowers are the perfect models for my photos, but today I decided to go with a different approach.

I decided to keep the whitered sunflowers. After I cut them, they became incredible attractive to me. You could say I started photographing them in my mind. These are the images I captured.

Whitered sunflower

I thought there was such a special beauty in the withered sunflowers that I practically ran for my camera. The colors are not as intense anymore, now they are soft, delicate, like an old photograph. The petals are no longer young and silky, now they are crumpled and crispy. They shrink, as if the sun has tanned them too much.

Both faces of the sunflower seem spectacular to me. Although perhaps the obvious bet is to photograph the sunflower in its brightest moment, the option to do so when it has wilted has a special charm.

Whitered sunflower

Is presenting differently something that can easily be a common place. See and show another face. I think is an idea worthwhile practicing and applying to everything we do, to everything that happens to us.

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