Making, baking and photographing a cheese cake!

Cheese Cake

In My First Entry I mentioned that my blog would basically treat  three themes, the marketing world, the uncontrollable passion for photography and love for the culinary delights. But it’s time to recognize that, of all of them, photography takes up 80% of my mind and of my posts.

Today, however, things change a bit! Yesterday, to calm post-lunch sweet cravings, I decided to make a cheesecake. Besides, doing it would provide me of a good time and, yes, I can not deny that I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to practice food photography, one of the most challenging types of photography (for me at least).

After separating, measuring, mixing, baking and cooling as a result i got a delicious, creamy, golden cheese cake. Definitely cooking a dessert on a summer afternoon, listening to some French music is a wonderful pleasure of life.

After waiting almost one day to have the right light, I did a little photo shoot of my beloved cheesecake. I placed it on a table with a couple of tablecloths to give some warmth to the images. I also made sure to have a solid color background. In this case I used white to really focus the attention on the cake, and also to provide clarity and a feeling of freshness to my pictures.

Cheese Cake

I think the result was pretty good, considering my limited experience in food photography. Maybe I would have liked to try some shots with a different background, I’ll do it  for the next time as I intend to practice more this kind of pictures.

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